Now Distributing IN San Juan Capistrano and THE SOCAL REGION


Our Theory

Dare we compare beer to “Man’s Best Friend”?      

Providing comfort from the cold and offering the utmost loyalty, to the stubborn nature to try or do almost anything… and sometimes just outright squirrelly and unpredictable. 


At the Dog Pawrk Brewing Company our focus is to provide the loyalty of “Really good, local beer” with the dogged passion and stubbornness to always do the unexpected and provide creative beers.

Regardless, whether pet or friend, beer of the 4 legged kind...      

They are always happy to see you!


Not only will the Dog Pawrk Brewing Company in San Juan Capistrano be a premier brewery in San Juan Capistrano we are looking to open an addtional taproom to provide craft beer in Dana Point.

Beer Styles


The Dog Pawrk will have everyday comfort styles ranging from East Coast / West Coast / San Diego IPAs, Pale Ales, Honey Blonde's, etc. with a focus on encouraging the local community to expand their pallet and experiment/embrace beers that include fruit variances, explosive hoppy characters, well-balanced barrel aged flavors and sours.

Contact Us

Contact Us

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Currently distributing to the SoCal / SJC Region

The Dog Pawrk Brewing Company